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Video Production Services to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Consumer decisions are largely based on trust. Can a customer trust that you provide the services you advertise or that your product delivers the promised results? Can your business be trusted as an authority in your industry? In the era of digital marketing, you may be struggling to build that trust when most of your potential customers will interact with your business online before they ever visit your store or book a service appointment. Video content can allow you to build a deeper connection with your audience while providing more tangible proof that your business can live up to consumer expectations.

The power of video is difficult to understate. Nearly 80% of web content consumed daily is video—and that number is only growing. In fact, it’s unlikely that you’ve made it this far into reading this page without watching one of our videos on this site. Moreover, video can connect with viewers in a more efficient way than written content. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text-based information. Simply watching a 60-second video can allow us to learn much more than reading 10 minutes of text.
Tucson production studio setting up blue screen for filming
Tucson video producer filming woman on stage playing piano

Professional Video Production Services to Build Your Brand Authority

When it comes to creating video content for your business, any old video won’t do. Amateur footage shot on a cell phone won’t present your brand as a trusted authority in your field. That’s where Tucson Media Studio can make all the difference. Our production team can create national quality video content that truly speaks to your target audience. We don’t simply shoot and edit video footage. We take the time to get to know your brand, your product, and your marketing goals, so your videos help you see real conversions that help you close more sales. Here’s a closer look at the types of videos we can create for your business.

Our Video Production Services

Promotional Videos

If you are looking for promotional video, we can bring your vision to the screen. From 30 seconds to longer-form promotional video series, we can help guide you from concept to script development, shooting, editing, marketing, and distribution.


Our team of creative professionals can conceptualize, write, provide talent, film and edit national quality commercials that will give you the edge over your competition. Don’t damage your company’s reputation by running one of those low budget commercials the TV stations throw in with your media purchase. 

Fundraising Video

Your passion is to educate and mobilize action to solve a specific problem or meet a particular need. Your greatest challenge is adequately defining the problem or need and how your unique solution is the right one– then inspiring a desire to collaborate. There’s no more effective tool to accomplish your goals than documentary storytelling.

Branded Documentary

Consumers are increasingly looking for a relational and authentic connection to the products and services they buy. And it’s crucial that non-profits tell the story of the need they are meeting and how supports can get involved. There is nothing like branded documentary to communicate the what and why of your product, service or cause.


Ads that are well designed and that communicate a focussed message are the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It’s also important that ads are properly formatted for use on the various platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. We can create ads that fit any budget, with original content, or using stock images and video.

FAQ Video

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! Creating YouTube videos that answer the most frequently asked questions related to your product or service can significantly increase your organic traffic. FAQ Videos can be shared in a knowledge base on your website, via social media to increase online engagement, and can be shared via email newsletter campaigns

Event Video

Capturing the energy and impact of your event preserves the experience into the future. But it also provides important assets you need to promote future events and ensure the best possible attendance. We provide everything from multi-camera coverage of sessions, to roving cameras capturing the experiences and impact, to the editing and creation of session videos and promos for future events.

Company Culture Video

Most consumers today make decisions based on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of what you do as much as the ‘what’. It’s critical that businesses convey their company culture and communicate the unique story of what motivates your company to be the best in your industry. We work with you to identify what makes you stand out from your competitors and we capture that story in an emotionally engaging and powerful way.

Testimonial Video

There’s no better way to share all that makes your business great than to have your happy customers do it for you! We help you identify satisfied customers who represent the market you need to reach. We interview them, asking all the right questions to capture the specific points you want to make. Then we film your team interacting with confidence and friendliness to add to a strong testimonial video that communicates the problems you solve and how you solve them.

Recruitment Video

When it comes to building your team, you are often competing for the best talent. A recruitment video is a great tool for capturing exactly what makes you company the best place to work. You can showcase your space, capture the fun and relationships, highlight your benefits and let your most satisfied employees give voice to why they love working for you. 

Non-Profit Video

Non-profits are all about educating and mobilizing action to solve a specific problem or meet a particular need. Your greatest challenge is adequately defining the need and how your unique solution is the right one– then inspiring a desire to collaborate. And nothing connects us with the unique personal challenges of those in need– as well as the passion of those meeting that need– like powerful visual storytelling.

Music Video

As an artist you’ve poured yourself into creating music that is unique and that expresses your original voice and style. It’s our job to capture that unique expression of your music on a visual level and give visual form to your art. Our team are artists and have musical backgrounds as well, and we understand the importance of the subtle timing and nuances that showcase your art to it’s fullest potential.

Theatre & Dance Video

We love to partner with artists, actors and theater companies, dance studios, and arts advocacy groups and associations who often find that the average video production company approaches their projects like they would a corporate client. They don’t get your art. We approach our theatre and dance projects as if we are part of the performance, ensuring that every shot and edit perfectly captures and enhances the experience for the viewer.

Virtual Event Video

We are experiencing an unprecedented time where experiences that have traditionally happened in person are moving online. From fund-raising events to corporate training, from concerts to conferences– we can help you capture and deliver your experience online without compromising the impact.

Explainer Video

A motion animated explainer video is a short, concise and graphic-driven video that introduces your audience to your product, service or cause in a fun, energetic and quick overview. Explainer videos are perfect for embedding in your home page so the first thing your visitors see is a short explanation of how your product or service can solve their problem.

Tucson Video Producer using production equipment for a live video

Livestream Video

In 2020, 232 million people watched streaming or downloaded video across all devices in the US. We are entering a new era in which your audience –whomever they are– may prefer to connect with you remotely or online. We have the technology to livestream content to any platform– from one remote camera to multiple cameras and integration of pre-produced content and Power Point presentations, we can handle any livestreaming challenge!

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Your business may benefit from any or all of the different videos above. When you contact us for a video strategy consultation, we’ll develop a video production plan that speaks to your unique needs and marketing goals. We know how to create videos that attract the right audience and turn them into loyal customers fast, so you can grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do.