Tucson Media Studio goes beyond Tucson video production; we specialize in visual storytelling to truly connect you to your target audience.

Making sales is about building trust, and in the age of digital marketing, that trust comes from visual storytelling that conveys your brand’s values, mission, and products or services. Your website is just words on a page, but video provides an opportunity to build emotional connections with audiences, motivating them to choose your brand. Here at Tucson Media Group, building video marketing strategies is our bread and butter, and we leverage decades of experience in visual storytelling to help your brand make an impression. We create national quality video content right here in Tucson, and our team of producers, cinematographers, editors, designers, lighting and sound specialists, animators, and drone pilots are at the top of our game.
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From Documentary Filmmaking to Brand Storytelling

Tucson Media Studio was founded by Evan Grae Davis, who began his filmmaking career producing videos for non-profit organizations. This work soon led Evan to creating feature documentary work filming subjects around the world. His documentaries have been shown in theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada and on hundreds of other screens in 20 countries. Evan’s films have run on Netflix and Hulu and screened before members of Congress and Parliament in Washington D.C., the British Parliament, and the European Union. Evan has stood on some of the largest TEDx stages in the world and his work has been covered by national and international news and major publications.

Through Tucson Media Studio, Evan brings his expertise to small and medium sized businesses who are seeking stronger connections to their audiences to boost conversions in their marketing strategies. Visual storytelling connects with people on an emotional and personal level and moves them to action—our goal is to help you use that connection to grow your business.

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When You Hire Us, We’re Dedicated to Your Video Production Project

When you’re investing in any type of marketing materials, your biggest concern may be your project budget. However, when you shop for video production by cost alone, you may find yourself underwhelmed with the final product. For example, you may find that deadlines are constantly pushed back, and overages quickly add on to the initial quote for your project. You may also get the final video and never hear from the production company again.

We do things differently here at Tucson Media Studio. We walk alongside our clients with implementation, strategy, and performance metrics to ensure that your video production project is a success. We’ll also take the time to assess your complete marketing strategy to understand your target audience and know exactly how to position your video marketing materials to make a strong impression. To us, a project is not complete until our clients see a strong return on their investment. With our holistic approach to video marketing, you are getting much more than a piece of visual content—you’re revamping your entire marketing strategy.

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We Strive to Foster Growth in the Tucson Community

With our roots in working with nonprofits, we still maintain relationships with many local nonprofit organizations, providing them with video services to help promote their causes and raise money. Additionally, Evan is the Creative Director at TEDxTucson, which allows him to highlight our community’s thought leaders that set us apart. We further support Tucson by supporting local tech, arts, culture, community development with annual involvement in TENWEST Festival. Tucson Media Studio is also proud to maintain partnerships with local schools to develop film and photography programs that inspire the next generation of creative minds in the Old Pueblo.

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